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March 2018

Creative Food: Daily food from a young lady

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 2923 Views No comments

Daily food from a lady meba_sj,look , the design full of young lady thought~

Creative Food: Lunch Bucket

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 3085 Views No comments

Lunch Bucket for meat enthusiast, full of energy even just look it ~

Company Annual Meeting

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 4577 Views No comments

Company Annual Meeting at Chinese New Year . we have many handsome guys and beautiful girls here.

there is a wise boss and a lot of hard working employees ,i believe our company will be better and better ~

Creative Food: different food style in daily life

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 4626 Views No comments

Bloger " sweet_orange_0104" 's daily food ,with many style of creative food, a delicacy of life~

Creative Food: Pizza

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 3860 Views No comments

Are you tired of eating dumplings? there is a new way to make some difference,dumpling wrapper pizza,

few easy step as following ~

Creative Food : Tannin color food, do you want to try ?

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 2778 Views No comments

Do you know use the tannin color into the food is what kind of experience?

A jeans shop in Japan was change to cateringtrade, they recommend a series of jeans color (tannin color ) food ,like steamed assorted Roubao,hamburger,icecream and drinks etc.

It looks like strange ,but really with good taste ~