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Creative Food : cuty bread

By lucy yuan Today 1 Views No comments

Some photos of bread with creative cuty design from a Japaness monther.

Creative Life : Vegetarian Dessert

By lucy yuan 4 days ago 12 Views No comments

" Life is too short to eat boring food ", a 16 years vegetarian blogger handmade a lot of beautiful and delicious dessert.

wow, cannot wait to eatting now :)



Creative Life : Different fruit shape style

By lucy yuan 6 days ago 131 Views No comments

A mother from Denmark, make the fruit with many different style for her children, very attractive .it will looks better if put it in our ceramic mug or ceramic plate:)

Do you know what kind of fruit in the photo ? ☺(pictures from foodbites)

Creative Life : Freshing Cake

By lucy yuan 9 days ago 22 Views No comments

Share some photos of the cake with fresh and clean look , the style looks like with poor energy ,will not get fat when eat :)

Creative Life : The Dream inside Coffee Cup

By lucy yuan 12 days ago 125 Views No comments

Kangbin is a Barista,with strong body and handsome face. because of his handsome face ,others call him "coffee prince".

when he is in senior school, his classmates all have big dream, want have great job.but he just want to be a barista, others all laught at him.

it is his dream , he learn and practise almost 10 years. now every coffee he make just like a art.,his insist and choice makes it success.

coffee cup

Creative Life : Travel With a Paint brush

By lucy yuan 14 days ago 113 Views No comments

You cannot be a painter then drawing, and make enough money then go to travel , don't let the good scenery waiting for you too long time .

Berk Armagan, a student from Istanbul University, his dream is travel all over the world but don't like to ask money from his parents. he is good at drawing , at the suggestion of friends , he drawing on the ceramic coffee mug to make money to realize his dream travel around the world.