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August 2018

Creative Design : Lovely Hamster Costar

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 4056 Views No comments

Creative Lovely Hamster Costar made by Blogger "2mochikotaro" ~

Creative Food : Different Airplane Food

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 2635 Views No comments

Different airplane food from each airlines, let's see which air company's food you like most ~

Creative Food :Chinese Soup

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 4178 Views No comments

Share a series of pork ribs soup from Chinese, variety of food ,Highly nutritious and tasty, easily absorption ~

Creative Life : Lunch for Two

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 2648 Views No comments

Very rich lunch for two people , you will never feel hungry then ☺

Creative Life : Forest Resort Hotel

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 5903 Views No comments

Creative forest resort hotel at Keemala Phuket, how fresh air it is !

Creative Life : Lovely Cookies

By lucy yuan 5 years ago 5218 Views No comments

Lovely Cookies from a 14 years old girls~

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