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September 2017

Creative Life : Natural Hot Spring

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3227 Views No comments

Located at the Burgenstock mountain in Switzerland ,have a Hotel Villa Honegg built at 1905 . there is a natual hot spring can over looking the scenery of Lake Lucerne. comfortable and relax, only afraid of fall down ....:)

Creative Life : A Breathing House

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3576 Views No comments

Balcony is the place of the House most close to the Sun, It's time to have a afternoon tea with your friend if it is a good weather.

Creative Food : cuty bread

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3186 Views No comments

Some photos of bread with creative cuty design from a Japaness monther.

Creative Life : Vegetarian Dessert

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3193 Views No comments

" Life is too short to eat boring food ", a 16 years vegetarian blogger handmade a lot of beautiful and delicious dessert.

wow, cannot wait to eatting now :)



Creative Life : Different fruit shape style

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3770 Views No comments

A mother from Denmark, make the fruit with many different style for her children, very attractive .it will looks better if put it in our ceramic mug or ceramic plate:)

Do you know what kind of fruit in the photo ? ☺(pictures from foodbites)

Creative Life : Freshing Cake

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3357 Views No comments

Share some photos of the cake with fresh and clean look , the style looks like with poor energy ,will not get fat when eat :)