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October 2017

Creative : Happy Halloween

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3176 Views No comments

A girl from Taiwan was dressed by her mother become a "faceless man" at halloween day last year, cause the children crying in their kingdergarden.

now she dressed her daughter again, do you know who is the one she cosplay?

Creative Life : Matcha Food From a Matcha food lovers

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3192 Views No comments

Matcha. ice-, from a matcha food lovers daily. eat all the food related matcha :)

do you have any favorite food ?

Creative Food : Sushi? Burger? Sushi Burger ~

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 2981 Views No comments

Sushi? Burger? Sushi Burger ~ (photo from redeyegrillnyc)

Creative design : 3D Latte Art

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3179 Views No comments

Share another series photos of 3D latte art , from a 17 years old coffee maker named Daphne Tan at Singapore.

thicky 3D cartoon looks very cute ! and the similar double wall glass mug have in Custommugcup store too .(photofrom Periperipeng)

Creative coffee : Cat Art Cafe

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 4498 Views No comments

A coffee shop named Cat Art Cafe with their own nyan coffee in Tokyo, with a 3D cat in the Latte.

with their special technical ,when drink the cat art will never disappear, it is the favorate for the people who love cat and coffee ☺

Creative Life : Travelling around the world, follow me

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3169 Views No comments

A couple Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakxarova, start travelling the world at 2011.

they always take photos on each place, only the sight of their back with held hand. and named " follow me" , a lot of people like it at INS.

when they come to China, they wear Chinese traditional closes and leave their back view photo too .Is there anyone know where it is in China ?:)