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September 2020

Christmas gift , keep your memory never fade off !

By lucy yuan 4 years ago 13982 Views No comments

There was a kind-hearted farmer who warmly entertained a vagrant child on Christmas day. At parting, the child broke off a branch and inserted it on the ground. The branch immediately grew into a big tree. The child pointed to the tree and said to the farmer, every year today, the tree is full of gifts to repay your kindness. Therefore, the Christmas tree that people see today is always full of small gifts.

The best way to keep your memory is print out, the memory will be forget sometimes, but the printing never fade. the photos , words you want to express , logo ,everyting can be printed .

Weather become cold, would you like a cup of hot drinks ?

By lucy yuan 4 years ago 5974 Views No comments

Weather become colder and colder , drink a cup of hot water to warm you . especially with your favorate photos on it .

Canvas Wall Art - make your room more comfortable

By lucy yuan 4 years ago 2343 Views No comments

Custom canvas wall art, print your favorite photo on the wall ... multi size available