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January 2018

Creative Food: Daily food photo from a photographer

By lucy yuan 6 years ago 3151 Views No comments

Daily food photo from Cindy Lulaby , a photographer from Indonesia,it is very attractive even only see the photos ☺

Creative Food : "RJ Cafe" Ecopresso coffee cup

By lucy yuan 6 years ago 6066 Views No comments

'RJ Cafe" , the most popular Ecopresso Cookies coffee cup, baked by coffee bean ,cookies coffee cup.

the cup can be eaten after finish the coffee, with good sellling face and dilicious taste ~

Creative Life : Matamata ,a small town in New Zealand

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 4224 Views No comments

Matamata is a small town at North island of New Zealand, one of the scene in movie “The Lord of the rings".

with 5000 square meters of vegetables and flower nursery, you can find very blue sky with beautiful cloud when look up, clear flowing river when look down. what a simple and quiet life ~

Creative food : rainbow bread

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3726 Views No comments

Share a series photos from Ins, very popular rainbow cheese bread,can stretch it very long like camera effects.

don't know how it taste but feel with better mood when see it ~

what do you think ?

Creative Life : mini cute cooking pot

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3629 Views No comments

Cooking food with mini cute cooking pot, Cream soup, lobscouse and best choice for soak cooked rice in soup or water .

here are some photos from blogger Tessi ~

Creative Life : Outdoor Barbecue

By lucy yuan 7 years ago 3323 Views No comments

A lot of people like outdoor barbecue ,there are many kinds of barbecue food , Durian, Bacon, egg, toast, vegetables, meat etc.

even with different equipment, the food all looks dilicious~ ( photos from overthefirecooking)