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How to make the magic mugs ?

By John Zhang 9 years ago 22677 Views 8 comments

The Magic mug or named Color changing mug , when the temperture is less then 45 degree , the color is black or blue ,the color depends on the color changing material . how to make the magic mugs , we only need to make the contained the color changing material coating on the mug surface . fired 15-20mins on base 200 degree , the magic mugs is ready now . you can use the normal heat transfer machine to make your order custom photo and Text . At the room termperature you can't see these customized photo or patterns , but after you put the hot water in the cup , phots and text is displayed . Do you think magical?
you can magic mug online through the online portal. You can create your own activity on all magic mug with your image and text.

Posted in: Ceramic Tableware
erik 9 years ago at 8:55 PM
I am interested in your Custom Magic Photo Mug product for a line of products I may be launching soon. I had one concern and wanted to ask...

Before the hot liquid is poured, can the underlying image be seen at all? In my product line, it is important that the 'to be revealed' image be completely covered before the hot liquid but the screenshots on the website seem to show it faintly before.

Thank you so much, looking forward to hearing back =)
John Zhang 9 years ago at 8:56 PM
if you use the matt black magic mug , then the image can be completely covered 100% before the hot liquid.
but red color mug can't cover 100% . maybe 70% . blue color maybe 90% .
Daniya Gardener 6 years ago at 3:08 PM
Personalized mugs are the best gifts one can give to their loved ones. Magic cup is really interesting.Hope i can get it online. I am really interested in this product. Shipping available outside the country ??
thanku !
springceramic 6 years ago at 3:26 PM
Hello Daniya,
Of course, we shipping all over the world, thanks.
Peter Carney 3 years ago at 3:33 AM
how do I go about ordering all the equipment for making my own magic mugs
Peter Carney 3 years ago at 3:34 AM
also applying to plates
springceramic 3 years ago at 9:38 AM
Hi Peter,
Please send your request to my email : support@custommugcup.com . thanks.
jasmine 2 years ago at 7:25 PM
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